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Only in INDIA, you can find all Religions Co-Existing ... 


Personal Details

Name : KulaSekaran

Call me as : SEKAR

Age Now : 43 years

Status : Married

Height : 183 Cms

Weight : 91 Kgs.



Country : India

State : Puducherry [Former French Territory]

Residing City : Auckland, New Zealand

Zodiac : Pisces

Religion : Hindu - By Birth & "Human" - By Attitude


Educational Details

Schooling in : St. Joseph's of Cluny, Pondicherry, Puducherry State, India 

- Kindergarden [1978 - 1980]

Fathima Hr.Sec. School, Pondicherry, Puducherry State, India 

- Form 1 & 2 [1980 - 1982]

Arul Malar Convent, Madurai, Tamilnadu State, India 

- Form 3 to Form 5 [1982 - 1985]  

Petit Seminaire Hr. Sec. School, Pondicherry State, India 

- Form 6 to Form 12 [1985 - 1992]

Colleges : St. Joseph's College, Trichy, Tamilnadu State, India

- B.Sc Physics [1992 - 1995 Batch]

& Pachiappa's College, Chennai, Tamilnadu State, India

- M.Sc Physics [1997-1999 Batch]

Extras : Diploma in Multimedia 


Professional Details

Worked As : Marketing Representative in

- The Hindu Newspaper Classifieds Franchisee [1996]

- Manager in M/s. Lakshmi Polymer Corporation, Pondicherry [August 1999 - March 2004]   

Business' in : Managing Partner  in SR Translines [April 2004 - January 2009]

Liaison Work : Freelancer @ Travel, Automobiles, Business - Networking [Jan 2009 - Dec 2012]

Setting Up  : Migration On A New (Ad)Venture to New Zealand [January 2013 - June 2013]

Experienced As        : A Bus Operator in Transportation Auckland Corporation Limited [June 2013 - Jan2016]

Working As              : Airside Bus Operator in Auckland Airport (Operated By SkyBus) [March 2017 - Present]

R&D Now in              : Setting up a unique Motorcycle/Charter Tour Company in New Zealand & India




Food Habits : Strictly [Lacto] Vegetarian

Languages : English, Tamil, Telugu...

Hobbies : Automobiles – Anything on Wheels, Reading, Music, ...

Passion : Driving, Research, Latest Technicalities, Travel ...

Serious in : Friendship with a very frank & open attitude

Against : Bribes, Infidelity and Mind[clever ?] games...

Believes in : Truth, as we need not remember it again, Forever ...

Friends : All over the World...


Family Details

Wife : Sangamithra - M.S.W, M.Phil - SW Professional 


Parents : Both Retired Professors 

Living with : Parents, Aunty,... (A Spicy Joint family)

Uncles/Aunties : All Post Graduates, University Degrees, Working Professionals


Contact Details 

EMail Address : [email protected]

Skype : kulasekarant

India Mobile : +91 766 7444 744

NZ Mobile                :       +64 20 40 60 80 30


                Some Quotes By Famous Scientists/Writers - About INDIA :

Albert Einstien - American Scientist : "We Owe A Lot To The Indians, Who Taught Us How To Count, Without Which No Worthwhile Scientific Discovery Could Have Been Made".

Mark Twain - American Author : "India is the Cradle of The Human Race, The Birthplace of Human Speech, The Mother of History, The Grandmother of Legend, and The Great Grandmother of Tradition. Our Most Valuable and Most Instructive Materials in The History of Man Are Treasured Up in India Only. So Far, As I am Able To Judge, Nothing Has Been Left Undone, Either By Man, Or Nature, To Make India, The Most Extraordinary Country the Sun Visits, in its Rounds. Nothing Seems To Have Been Forgotten, Nothing Had  Been Overlooked".

Max Mueller - German Scholar : "If I Were Asked - 'Under What Sky, The Human Mind Has Most Fully Developed Some of Its Choicest Gifts; Has Most Deeply Pondered On The Greatest Problems Of Life; And Has Found Solutions' - I Should Point To India".

Romain Rolland - French Scholar : "If There is One Place On The Face Of Earth, Where All The Dreams Of Living Men Have Found A Home, From The Very Earliest Days - When Man Began The Dream of Existence, It Is India".

and Lastly My Favourite Quote Also -     God Made Relatives For Us, 

                                    So Thank God, Bcoz We Can Choose Our Friends .....