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What Would You Do If Your Life is Only 9000 days from Today ?                       Leave Ego Outside & Step Inside Please...

If You have Some Money in your Bank Account, Some Notes in your Wallet & Some Spare Change, Then You Are Among the Top 8% of the Wealthy in this World.

If You Woke Up with Good Health Today Morning, Then You Are More Blessed Than A Million People Who Will Not Survive This Week Fully.

The Current World Average Life Expectancy (2013 Estimate) is    = 71 Years only.  

Our Total Life = 71 years [71  x 365 Days /Year]         = 25,915 Days Only

Our Childhood, Schooling, Education etc.,. = 23 years [23 x 365days/year] =   8,395 days

Our Old Age, Retirement etc.,. = 5 years [5 x 365 days/year] =    1,825 days

So, Our Matured Life is only just = 43 years [25.915 - (8,395 + 1,825)] = 15,695 days

Even in this 15,695 days, We Spend 45% for our Sleep, Rest, Food etc. =   6,438 days

So, Atlast Our Real Lifetime (We Happen To Live) Becomes Just 25 Years  =  9,257 days only

What is left behind is just  9,250 days, given for us, given to us, to Feel, Exist, Rationalize, Think, Act, Dream, Enjoy, Acheive, Lose, even Fight. Survive etc.,etc.,.

So in this 9,250 days - LIVE Life & Let Others Also Live......

To Live Life is NOT Coming First in the "Survival of the Fittest Race", But to Participate & Finish this Race Successfully...

I'm fighting climate change on celsias°

A Humble Request ...

By 2030, Half of the World's Population will be compelled to Buy Water on Paying A Price, which is now Available Free from Nature, so Conserve our Natural Resources, Don't Waste ...

Please Leave the Earth,(for your Next Generation), With All its Natural Resources ...

        Save Water - Reduce Carbon Footprint - Recycle - Conserve Nature


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